Monday, March 5, 2012

Passing on the People's Choice Crown

A year ago
I was humbled to be voted
Mrs. Florida People's Choice at the
2011 Mrs. Florida America Competition.
I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you
What the People's Choice Award means to me.
The People's Choice Award
Is about service above self.
It is about always adding value
And the realization that
Unless we are committed to making change happen,
Unless we are able to take responsibility,
Be a part of the solution,
Neither we,
Nor our friends,
Nor family, nor community
Will flourish.
It is up to us
To plant the seeds of
Love, and
And to carry on
Even when we doubt ourselves
Or lose faith in others.
The People's Choice Award is about understanding
That our words and actions
Define who we are.
It has been an honor
To be your Mrs. Florida People's Choice for the past year.
It is an even greater honor
To pass the People's Choice Award on
To a special woman who has done
And will continue to do
Her part to make her community proud.
Whether her passions lie with
Improving education,
The environment,
The arts,
Or helping women and children in need,
Your new Mrs. Florida People's Choice will dedicate herself
To making the State of Florida,
And perhaps the world,
A more beautiful and loving place.
Congratulations to all of the amazing ladies competing this year.

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