Sunday, November 13, 2016

Speech Given November 12, 2016 for Son's Bar Mitzvah

Well, I think I’ll just go ahead and start this speech

When I was a girl thinking about how my life would be, I never envisioned my life as the mother of a boy.
In fact, I was convinced that when I grew up I would be the mother to not ONE, not TWO, but THREE girls.

All with long hair,
all ballerinas,
all sharing clothes and shoes and makeup.  

I didn’t think I had what it takes to be the mother a boy, let alone a boy who loves sports.

After all, I am horrible at sports.
I’m afraid of the ball,
I’m a terrible runner, always picked last for any team,
and, yes, I did “throw like a girl.”

So, when Lucas came along, I was completely unprepared for the overwhelming love I would have for this Little Man.

I didn’t realize the passion I would feel for this child once he was placed in my arms.
My Little Baba-Lu,
My Little Schmoopie,
My Most Special and Favorite Baby Boy.

And actually, not only does it turn out I am “Awesome-Mom” or as Lucas calls me “Mom Wonder.” Lucas has turned out to be my partner in crime—in television— in movie watching. We have heart felt talks. We read the same books. We listen to the radio and compete to answer first on “Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me.”

We have so much in common…
although maybe still not sports.

In fact, Lucas has actually banned me from coming to any of his games because he says I’m a jinx. And, hey, it’s true, the minute I show up, the team starts losing, and the minute Lucas makes me leave, the team really does start winning. So as much as I would love to watch my son play ball, I do leave (or stay home), cuz I’m NOT TAKING THE BLAME. 

However, since I became Lucas’s mom, I have learned to care just a little bit about baseball, and of course the Baltimore Orioles.

Because when you love someone, you care because they care and when they are happy, you are happy.

Yes, Lucas won my heart the day he was born. Actually he’s won the heart of many with his quick wit, easy conversational style, and genuine interest in other people.

He is an exceptional boy and will be an exceptional man: Highly intelligent, kind, driven, loving, hard-working, hilarious, dedicated, and fun.

I couldn’t possibly love him—or love being his mom—any more than I do.

Lucas, I wish you a life of happiness, adventure, strength, and most of all, love.

Please be sure to follow the example of your father, who is the best man I know. I adore watching the two of you together and seeing your special bond.  
Follow Daddy’s example on how to be a good man, but also I know you will
Always be authentically who YOU are,
not who you think we want you to be.

As for your sister, remember to always treat her well and to love and support each other. You are the best of friends—AT TIMES.
And that makes your momma so happy because as you both go out in the world and make your mark, you will always be stronger when you stick together.

And please—IN MAYBE 20 YEARS—marry someone who makes you laugh, someone smart and fun like you. Someone you can build a life with. Because some day when I am old—okay, older than I am NOW—I know you will have beautiful children of your own, and that you will be an amazing husband, father, and community leader.

Remember what Mother Teresa said:

Never forget, even in your darkest times, that you are both very loved and the personification of love. 
I can’t wait to see what you will make of your life.
I’d tell you to go out and make your momma proud but I don’t have to

Because you already do.